TEDx Canberra
Setting the scene for TEDx Canberra

Lost & Found event creative

We're all about collaboration. In that spirit, we handled this project with our in-house sister agency, Pearshop.


• Design
• Motion
• Pro Bono


• Brand strategy
• Print design
• Environmental signage/wayfinding
• Animation

We're proud to support the TEDx mission

As a primary design and creative partner to the TEDx Canberra chapter, Impress is proud to be official custodian of such a respected global brand, helping spread and bring to life the inspiring stories and ideas across the community.

The 2021 centrepiece conference esteemed around what we have ‘Lost & Found’ as part of the recent global pandemic, where it has changed us for both better and worse. Impress collaborated with the TEDx team to conceptualise the event’s visual theme, both to help attract patrons and add to the experience of those attending.

The designs focused on abstract representations of transformation mixed with the pride of local symbolism. The event visual theming was extremely well received across its main promotional platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter evidenced by very supportive comments, engagement and discussion.

Impress continues to support the TEDx Canberra brand as an ongoing creative and design partner.

Watch: Clips from Lost&Found TEDx Canberra


TEDx Lost/Found program cover
TEDx Lost/Found program cover
TEDx Lost/Found program cover
TEDx Lost/Found program cover

"We ended up with 360 people in attendance and it was an AWESOME day!!! Thank you so much for your support - it’s really, really appreciated"

- Olivia Grandjean-Thomsen, TEDx Canberra
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