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The Inside Story

Impress was engaged by AMGC to design and develop a long-term, digital engagement platform for the education and inspiration of Australian manufacturers of all sizes to benefit from. It aimed to bring to life years of formal research and insights generated by AMGC, in an easy and engaging video format, housed on an online educational platform (LMS).

The platform, also conceptualised and configured by Impress, integrates a diagnostic self-assessment tool and online educational content delivered in an LMS module format to engage the audience in a ‘self-service’ environment. The project required a series of stakeholder sessions to ensure content and objectives were aligned and involved the production planning of 18 individual filming days around Australia.

The largest challenges to navigate included logistics and footage management, as due to the short lead times (Six weeks to film, edit and launch over 50 videos and six hours of educational content), there were a number of footage and asset management practices required to be implemented.

Manufacturing Academy social
Manufacturing Academy social
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